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Hi! My name is Keshia Erin.

I am a photographer and Graphic Designer based in Edmonton AB. I am versed in several styles of photography and am well suited to fulfill any needs you may have, be it an event like a wedding, or real estate photos.

I also specialize in graphic design with a passion for novel cover and logo design, though I hope to branch out into other areas and develop my portfolio!

Take a look below at the bulletin for updates on portfolio development opportunities that could mean discounts or free work if it is the style you’re looking for!

December 2020

Discounts Bulletin:

  • Boudoir – Priced: Free
  • Horse and Equestrian – Priced: Free
  • Couples – Priced: $25 (+ $10 Booking Fee)
  • Cosplay – Priced: Free
  • Wedding For Ceremony and Family Photos Only – Priced: $150 (+ $30 Booking Fee)
  • Film Projects – Priced: $50 (+ $15 Booking Fee)
  • Baby Photos – Priced: Booking fee of $15
  • Maternity – Priced: Booking Fee $15
  • Logo design – Priced: $25

Clients of these shoots may be expected to help with helping pay for the rent of locations for shoots if it requires.

If shoots are being booking outside of the Edmonton and Surrounding area (St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Nisku), then they may be required to help cover gas.

Please email me for more information.

Photos From my most Recent Shoots:

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